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Insurer Bad Faith

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If you have sustained hurricane or windstorm losses and are now involved in a coverage dispute with your insurance carrier, Font & Nelson can help. Our firm has collectively handled well over 8,000 insurance claim related lawsuits in relation to sophisticated property damage claims on behalf of individuals and businesses in South Florida.

Pursuing Maximum Insurance Coverage for Property Damages

• Visible or hidden mold
• Concealed roof leak damage
• Permit Costs
• General Contractor Fees
• Unlawful pricing reductions
of repair costs
Hurricane Irma damaged thousands of homes throughout South Florida, and even if your insurance company promptly paid your claim, or, issued no payment because of your deductible, our Firm can provide you an opinion and retain industry experts to determine whether you are entitled to additional monies for a variety of reasons that may not be known to you, which can include such things as visible or hidden mold, concealed roof leak and damages; permit costs, general contractor fees, unlawful reductions or pricing of repair costs, other additional considerations.

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